Monday, June 04, 2012

Sumptuous Surfaces Class

The past 4 weeks, I have been taking Sharon Boggan's Sumptuous Surfaces Class and am having a great time.

If you ever have the opportunity to take one of Sharon's classes you should.  She shares a wealth of information and they are so much fun.  I am constantly amazed at the wealth of information she shares in her classes.  This was my first project in monotone.   My next 2-1/2 days off, starting today at noon, I need to get my second project prepped.  I am thinking about making a coordinating piece for my second project, framing them both and putting them in my newly redone bathroom.

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Nicki Lee said...

This is so cute! Would be perfect for an under the sea themed block. I took a Class with Sharon at the Crazy Quilt Retreat in CT and she is a fabulous teacher and it shows in your work.