Thursday, June 19, 2008


Several weeks ago, I put my name in for a drawing on Julia's
blog, and my name was chosen.

Several days ago I received this lovely CQ bag, and it is just gorgeous, and softly padded inside. Thanks so much Julia, I love it and truly appreciate it!

I meant to post the picture several days ago, but DH and I have been in the midst of installing 3 double paned windows in 3 bedrooms. Two of the rooms are my sewing room and office, which required extensive moving of my orchids on the windowsills, and in the case of my sewing room, moving my sewing machine and stuff on the counters, and taking the baskets I have hanging on the ceiling down so DH could have access to the window without getting frustrated and bumping into things. I also am required to help lift the new window in place and hold it while he secures it in place. Then putting all my stuff back. So he is working on the last 1 today.


May Britt said...

Congrats its a beautiful bag.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The bag is beautiful, Karrin! Congratulations. Good luck with the windows. Oh, BTW-- I LOVED working on your RR... :)

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Karrin,
I'm so glad the bag arrived safely.

Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats Karrin!

Carole said...

Congrads! Gorgeous bag!

jay paul said...

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