Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Another long interval between posting, unintentionally. I use my computer to do my transcription all day, and have been having some issues. I installed some new memory. That was quick, and went well. My copy of Photoshop Elements that I use to crop my photos and do various things had problems. I have a lot of add-ons, and I needed to reinstall it, and add all my add-ons back in, which took about a week. Then my printer/scanner had problems, (it kept saying my scanner was not hooked up, but the printer worked fine). So finally got that problem taken care of. I have had pictures to share, but had not had time to share or blog, trying to take care of all the other issues. Hopefully all is OK now.

Back in February, I sent this block I made off in my round robin group in the Crazy Quilting International Group. We were all new to the group so we participated in this round robin. This is how my naked block looked when I sent it off around the world. This was my cottage garden block. The little cottage I had originally painted as a watercolor for my mom, I scanned the image and printed it on silk fabric and added it to this block.

This was what my block looked like when it came back to me the end of July. I am thrilled with the results! My heartfelt thanks to my fellow members of this round robin:

Virginia from Spain
Kari from Maryland
Sandi from Washington
Carol from Florida
Sherry from Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

I was examining the close-up, and this is just filled with gorgeous work. I especially love the cottage and the garden, the ruched ribbon to make the stream. Really a lovely garden block all over.

Karen said...

Wow! What a great finish to the block. I don't do crazy quilting but have a friend who does beautiful work in that style. I must e-mail her to come take a peek.

renate said...

That´s very nice stitcheries
I love it..

Best wishes

Renate from Germany