Monday, November 16, 2009

Summer DYB, Lotto

I have had an absolutely horrendous couple of weeks at work, and have a day off to get caught up. It also happens to be our 34th wedding anniversary, and I got up and made DH some banana bread. I need to get over to Joann's when they open and get some drapery fabric. I had gotten DH some new shades for his media room, the room he spends the most time in with his movies and games. I need to made some decorative drapes and a valence to coordinate with the new shades.

I have finished a couple of projects, a couple of weeks ago. First, I finished my block for Arlene's Summer DYB.

I used some braid as the arbor, and twined some wisteria up it, with some hollyhocks and violets off to either side.

The other item I got done was a block for our circle of quilting friends. It was Molly's month last month, and she wanted us to make a block out of reproduction fabrics. I can't remember how many pieces were in this 7" block but it was a lot!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fibreart Montage-Judith Baker Montano

Two days ago, I received a package from Dragon Threads. I couldn't for the life of me remember
what I had ordered. Well it was Judith Baker Montano's new book Fibreart Montage. I cannot praise this book highly enough, it has wonderful photographs, lessons on painting silk fabric, crazy quilting, stitches. I love it, and have only had a chance to read part of it.

Last year, right before Christmas, I was contacted by Judith, having been a student in 2 of her classes at Asilomar. She wondered if any of her students had completed, or were near completing their class projects, as she wanted to include a student's section in this new book. She gave us a deadline of the first part of 2009. I worked frantically for about a month to finish up my Pigeon Point Lighthouse project I had started in my second class, a landscape crazy.

As being one of the students who submitted our work for this book, I received a copy, with a lovely note from Judith. My work appears on page 158. Also on page 8 she has an introduction, with pictures of some of her classes. My class is the 2nd from the top, and I am sitting right
behind Judith.

What a wonderful mail day. I have been anxiously awaiting this arrival since I found out the
books were released in late October.