Friday, July 31, 2009


This was the end of this round robin for me. These are Lauri's under the sea blocks. This was the block I worked on. In this block at the bottom under the lobster, I crocheted a sea anemone and added some of Rengin's magnificent oyas (the flowers).

All of Lauri's blocks are being mailed home to her today, and she has 1 left to embellish herself.

This was the block that Lisa worked on, I loved her octopus. Sorry I was wrong, as my DD pointed out this is a jellyfish.

This was the block that Peggy worked on, I am not sure if she has a blog or not. I really loved her beaded mermaid.

This was the block that Lyn worked on. I really liked that giant squid and her cute little fish charms.

This is the block that Pam worked on. Pam has had quite a time recently with medical problems
and had sent off her poor octopus with 3 legs, she realized after looking at a photo of it, and asked
me to put some more on. I really loved her shell garden and snail and netting.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer DYB, Another tin

My work recently has been horrendous, the past 3-4 weeks have not been good at all.
I do medical transcription on the internet. I personally prefer to get up about 2 am, get my work done, and have time to work on my stitching, run errands, or whatever. Recently I get up at 2 a.m. and there is no work, have to wait around for doctors to dictate it, and then try to grab
work before anyone else can grab it. Which makes for a long day, and not a very happy camper.
If I could get done by noon I would be happy, but I have been getting done at 4:30 to 5. One day it took until 8 p.m. to get my commitment done.

Which means, I have not been stitching as much, and this does not make for a happy Karrin.

Last week I did get this done. This is from the Summer DYB (do your own block), and it was Rebecca's block. I took this really awful picture, but did not realize it until I had already packed it up to be mailed to Cobi.

Last week I did get a happy surprise in the mail.
This was the last of my tin swap tins. I received this from Skye, and it is lovely.

She included inside an embroidered hankie (which I happen to collect) and some assorted ribbon flowers.

Thank you so much Skye again for this lovely tin, and I think it was the highlight of my week!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Autumn RR, Ritva's block

This past week, I have worked on Ritva's autumn block. I found I had a leaf lace in my stash, and I dyed it, and attached it and used a darker thread to accentuate the veins.

Ritva had a number of really nice fall-like batiks.
The leaves about the leaf lace I accentuated a bit with some darker thread also.

I also did the brown/gold seam in a feather stitch-double chain stitch combo, and I also made the sunflower. For the sunflower I also accented the leaf batik underneath and tried to make it look like it was part of the sunflower.

This is the whole block so far. I was the first person to work on it.

Friday, July 03, 2009


I received 2 special packages in the mail yesterday. Two of the tins I swapped in the covered tin swap. We mailed them out on Tuesday, and 2 of mine arrived yesterday.

This lovely tin was made by Connie in Colorado. It is just lovely and I love this little girl, and the colors are perfect.

This is the inside of the tin, it is lined, and it was filled with a lovely assortment of lace and trims, which I will put to good use in my CQ.

Not only did Connie send the above tin, but she also sent me this tiny one. It was filled with beads. I had planned on making a tiny one myself to use as a pill container in my purse, but now I do not need to.

Thanks so much Connie, I just love both of these, and your work is outstanding!

The other tin I received was from Diane from Louisiana. There is a cute little kitty with a beaded collar on, and a little bluebird.

It also happens to have a K for my name.

Inside this one had a little pincushion, and also contained goodies of needles, a needle threader and a special button.

Thank you so much Diane, this is just darling and I shall treasure this tin.

Those who don't know me, I am a tin collector from way back, any sorts of tins, and when this swap came up, I signed right up.

Thanks again Connie and Diane, you have both added to my tin collection, and I love them both! I couldn't be happier with this swap, and you both brightened my really awful day!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am sending off blocks for a new round robin this morning. This one is for Flower Fairies. In this RR you make 6 blocks, and the 5 participants get to choose which one they want to work on. You get 1 back at the end to do yourself.

I purchased my Flower Fairy silkies at Evening Star Designs Designs, where you can get them printed up 4 to a page or 6 to a page. I chose the 6 to a page. She even has a new Flower Fairy Club, where you can get some each month or every other month, your choice.


I worked on and sent off another RR last week, an Under the Sea block. This was Peggy's block. She had already machine-embroidered the clown fish on, I added everything else.