Friday, July 03, 2009


I received 2 special packages in the mail yesterday. Two of the tins I swapped in the covered tin swap. We mailed them out on Tuesday, and 2 of mine arrived yesterday.

This lovely tin was made by Connie in Colorado. It is just lovely and I love this little girl, and the colors are perfect.

This is the inside of the tin, it is lined, and it was filled with a lovely assortment of lace and trims, which I will put to good use in my CQ.

Not only did Connie send the above tin, but she also sent me this tiny one. It was filled with beads. I had planned on making a tiny one myself to use as a pill container in my purse, but now I do not need to.

Thanks so much Connie, I just love both of these, and your work is outstanding!

The other tin I received was from Diane from Louisiana. There is a cute little kitty with a beaded collar on, and a little bluebird.

It also happens to have a K for my name.

Inside this one had a little pincushion, and also contained goodies of needles, a needle threader and a special button.

Thank you so much Diane, this is just darling and I shall treasure this tin.

Those who don't know me, I am a tin collector from way back, any sorts of tins, and when this swap came up, I signed right up.

Thanks again Connie and Diane, you have both added to my tin collection, and I love them both! I couldn't be happier with this swap, and you both brightened my really awful day!


quiltlion said...

WoW, Karrin! You are so lucky!! I have not recieved mine yet! I will be off to the PO in a little while to check again today! Lyn G

Susan/CqLily said...

You have some beauties there! Isn't everyone so creative? I am new to all this and had no idea how detailed the tins were...with the insides completed, little pin cushions, etc. Enjoy these as I am sure the ones you sent will be.