Monday, October 26, 2020

From the Heart Blog Hop, Day Two, My Day!


This is my day, and the second day of the From the Heart Blog Hop.  I was so excited when I heard about this one hosted by Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt.  Carol has some of the best blog hops, and I appreciate all she does, and being able to participate in this one.

The idea was to create a small gift to share with someone.  The list for the entire blog hop is included below.  

I have been working on a number of gifts for Christmas.  I have been embroidering on tea towels with these iron-on designs by Stitcher's Revolution.  I bought the first set at that link, but then found that they also have them at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.  

They are easy to embroider, and make a nice gift.

Last week I got tied up in making the next gifts.  My daughters when they came to celebrate my birthday, saw this little wall hanging, and both wanted one,  This was a QAL on the Quilts by Cheri Friendship Group on Facebook.  I wanted to get them done before Halloween, and they have been gifted already.

Recently on the Love and Hugs for Christmas SAL, I downloaded this free design by Marg Low Designs, called Letter to Santa.   My daughter loves birds, and I usually make her something with a bird in it for Christmas.  I decided to make it into a table topper.  

I also put together another table topper.  The center block was an orphan block from a Feathered Star class I took with Marsha McCloskey probably in the late 1990's.  This was the only block that was completed.  I found one of the fabrics I used, but the others were not immediately available.  I decided to make a braided border for it.  I didn't have a chance to quilt it due to life recently, but this is the completed top.  It was good to get this out of the orphan pile, and it is ready to quilt next.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure and check out the others on the hop below.  Thanks again to Carol for another fun hop!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching

Hard to believe another week has gone by and we are Slow Sunday Stitching again.  

It's been another week where I feel I haven't gotten much done.  We have been enjoying cooler weather, and are almost 20 degrees cooler than we were the past several weeks.  I have been able to get some of the yard work that needs to be done before our rains set in.  I've pretty much gotten the front yard done, and need to start working on the back next.  

The turkeys continue to like my new bark, and like to get settled and swish their butts around, frequently knocking it out into the driveway.  The other day I went out to water, and saw them getting comfortable and ran encouraged them to leave!

My daughters and three grandchildren went for a walk last Sunday for Breast Cancer.

My birthday weekend when my girls came over they saw my Happy Haunting mini quilt.   First one daughter wanted one, and just like when they were younger, the other wanted one too.  So I made another Happy Haunting, and gave them to both girls.  

I also got a block done for the QAL by the Sea.  I learned my lesson on showing it to my husband, a sailor.  He scrutinized it, and pointed out several things that need fixing.   

I still need to add the rigging on this block.  He pointed out though that the flag is going the wrong way, I need portholes, and it also needs a rudder!    

I have been working on several projects for the From the Heart Blog Hop that starts on Monday.  

What I will be working on this week for Slow Sunday Stitching is my Father Christmas block.  He still needs details on his face,  and stitching on the bell, light and staff.  

I'll be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.   Head over and see what everyone else has been up to.

Also as a reminder, the From the Heart Blog Hop starts October 26th.  My day is on Tuesday.

Miss Klara got some cute pictures in this week.  She had a 50s day this week at school.

And they got holiday pictures today.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

2020 Finish-A-Long, Quarter 4


I've posted my list for the 4th quarter on IG, but want to do it here for my records.

1)  Project for From The Heart Blog Hop coming up October 26-28th.

2)  Quilt Baby Quilt.   The center of this quilt was from the Star Kissed Quilt-Along at Wedding Dress Blue earlier this year.  It used up a lot of 2.5 inch quarters in my scrap box.  

3)  Quilt Holly Baskets.  

4)  FMQ Sampler.  This is one of my final projects for the FMQ Academy @String and Story by Holly Anne Knight.  Don't know if I will get this done by December, but I am going to try.  I am behind in class right now.

5)  Cassandra's Circle BOM October, November and December.  This is the BOM by Barbara Brackman @ Civil War Quilts.  

6)  Ella Maria Deacon BOM October, November, December.  This is the BOM from Sentimental Stitches.  

7)  Pieces from the Past BOM for October, November, December   This is being offered by Melva @ Melva Loves Scraps.  

8)  3 Kathy Schmitz embroideries for October, November, December  

9)  Father Christmas- Complete 2 blocks and complete top.  

10)  3 Lighthouse blocks.

11)  QAL by the Sea, make last 4 blocks and put top together.  

12)  Poppy's Polka Dot Garden BOM for October, November, December.  This is another BOM by Sentimental Stitches.  

Think that's enough to keep me out of trouble for awhile!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching

 Last weekend was a wonderful birthday weekend.  Daughter Kristen and Keaton my grandson came over on Saturday, bringing lumpia and senorita bread as treats.  Keaton mowed my lawn for me, and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Sunday brought daughter Katie and Klara and John.  They brought a delicious fruit tart, and Kristen and Jaeger also came by, and we had another wonderful afternoon.  I got many wonderful gift cards, Joann's, a local nursery, Michael's  and Hobby Lobby!  

Monday, my actual birthday was quiet, but I had a great day quilting.  I was able to completely quilt a baby quilt with my newly returned Juki that had spent 3 months in Texas for warranty work.  It worked perfectly, no thread breaks, needle breaks, and tension perfect!  I was thrilled.  

Tuesday, things went downhill.  I had noticed a nail in the sidewall of one of my tires.  I took it over to a local tire place, and found out that it was not repairable.  I needed a new tired.  I have all wheel drive, and if you replace one tire, you have to replace them all.  They gave me a quote which shocked me.

Luckily I have a son-in-law that has his own used car lot, and has connections with another car place, and was able to get me a decent price, less than half of the previous place.  So I was able to get new tires this week.

Another day was spent getting new shocks on my rear tailgate.  Due to these activities I haven't gotten much sewing done this week.  

I did finish a couple of hand projects.  October Kathy Schmitz's design from the One Stitch at a Time Club.

What I will be working on for Slow Sunday Stitching  this week is my Father Christmas, the next to last block of this old, old BOM.  I just need to add the face, beard, and cuffs and details.  

I will be linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.    Pop on over and see what everyone else has been up to.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

2020 Finish-A-Long, Quarter 3 Results


We are reporting the results of our 2020 Finish-A-Long, Quarter 3 on Instagram, but I like to list my results here for my own purposes.   I had 11 items on my list here back in July.  I was able to finish 7 of them.

1)  Project for Christmas in July Blog Hop.  Finished.  

2)  Miniquilt for granddaughter Kyleigh.  Finished.  

3)  Cassandra's Circle BOM for July, August and September.  Finished.

4)  Ella Maria Deacon BOM for July, August and September.  Finished.

5)  Pieces From Past BOM for July, August and September.  Finished.

6)  Buhl-Bushong-Finish Center blocks-   Not touched.

7)  2 Father Christmas applique blocks-  Not touched

8)  3 Kathy Schmitz embroideries.  Finished.

9)  2 Stitchers Revolution tea towels embroidered.  Finished.  

10)  Lighthouse/sailboat quilt top finished.  Not touched.

11)  3 Lighthouse BOM blocks completed.  Not touched.

I guess I should have looked at my list before the last week of the quarter!  But I guess 7 out of 11 isn't that bad.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Hand Quilt Along, Slow Sunday Stitching

Can't believe another three weeks have passed by, and time for the check-in for the Hand Quilt Along.  This past week has been sort of disjointed.   My mornings are taken up transporting my two youngest grandkids to their cousin's house where they finish up there school day working on assignments.  I have also tried working in the yard each morning before my chauffer duties as we have been having beautifully cooler weather in the 70's to 80's so I am able to work outside a little longer.  I am still trying to get the bushes trimmed and gutters cleaned out before we start getting our rain.   I love this time of year when it is cooler and I'm able to spend more time outside.  

I have also had three days this week with migraines that have put me out of commission all together, other than giving the kids a ride.  This time of year is bad for my migraines.

This piece is coming along very slowly, as I have it in the car, and work on it while I am waiting for the kids to come out.

I also finished last month's Cassandra's Circle block from Civil War Quilts.  

This week my slow stitching project will be Kathy Schmitz's embroidery from the One Stitch at a Time Club.  

Check out the other Hand Quilt Along links below.

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

KathyMargaretDebNanetteSharonKarrinGretchenDaisyConnieMonica and Sherrie

I will also be linking up at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.    Check out those links over there too.  

Out in my garden this week, my sunflowers got so top-heavy I had to hook them to the fence!  That is all on one stalk!

This dahlia continues to bloom.

I have some little lizards that live in my yard.  They hang out on my porches sunning themselves, and run along my brick pathway when I walk outside.  I've even seen some babies that are about 1.5 inches long!   This guy today didn't even run away from me when I walked outside, just sat watching to see what I was going to do.  

This weekend is a special one for me.  My birthday is on Monday, and Saturday grandson Keaton came over to mow my lawn along with daughter Kristen.  Sunday I expect daughters Katie, Kristen and most of my grandchildren to come over to celebrate my birthday.  This one will be a big one, 70, hard to believe!    I will love having most all of my loved ones here and I will be in heaven.   

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great week!