Wednesday, August 05, 2020

New Blog Hops Coming Soon!

A couple of new blog hops are coming up, both hosted by ladies who have the greatest Blog Hops,
Carla @ Creatin in the Sticks, and Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt.

There is the Hello Fall Blog Hop September 21-24th hosted by Carla @ Creatin in the Sticks .  For this one, my day will be September 21st, the first day.  The idea behind this one is to stitch up something inspired by Fall.  I love fall, so this one really appeals to me.

From the Heart Blog Hop, hosted by Carol @Just Let Me Quilt.  The idea behind this one is to make a small gift you would give someone.  My day on this is October 27th. 

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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

One Monthly Goal-August

Well I have not made my goal two months in a row, which was to finish my own bed quilt into king sized.  I seem to have a mental block on this one, or I have had too much going on recently.

So for August I plan to move on, what I would like to do is quilt this Fall Into a QAL, a BOM that was offered by Partners in Design several years ago.   I'm going to give it to my daughter for her BD the end of August. 

I'll be linking up at Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal.   I truly appreciate this monthly motivation, and want to thank Patty again for all she does!

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Monday, August 03, 2020

350 Blocks Project

The goal for June was 31 blocks, and I did the equivalent of 32 blocks.

Holly Baskets:  I counted this as 9 blocks, counting the center as 1, and the pieced borders as 8.

2)  Kyleigh's BD miniquilt   1 block.

Tea Towels:  I did 2 more of these:  

And 1 of these.

Stitchery:  5 blocks

Masks:  12 more

Private BOM:  1 block

Days From the Past BOM by Melva Loves Scraps  1 block

That's it for this month.  I will be reporting my numbers in at Prairie Moon Quilts.

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching

Another week has flown by!  I have been exclusively working on two projects for my granddaughter Kyleigh's birthday.  Her birthday is the 17th of August, but she is leaving the end of the next week to head back east to college.  I wanted to celebrate with her before she leaves, so she is coming over on Monday for lunch and our private celebration of her birthday.  It is the first birthday she has been away from family.  We will miss her!

I have been wanting to do a memory book/words of wisdom book for her for a long time, and I'm glad I finally had a chance to do it.  I have been using my new Cricut to cut out letters, and have had a few goof ups on my part, such as putting the transfer tape on the wrong way, and having my cutouts unusable.  I still have another day, hopefully I can do it right.

Here are a few pages of her book.  I took her to Monterrey for a few days after she graduated from high school.

This is the cutout I have goofed up twice. 

The other thing I have been working on, is a mini wall hanging she admired of mine,  and wanted me to make her one.

I just need to quilt the sky and the borders.   It is my own design, although the quote I saw somewhere, but no author was noted.

What I will be working on for my Slow Sunday Stitching is another one of these tea towels.  The chocolate one by Stitcher's Revolution.   I'll also be getting some applique ready for slow stitching next week.

Last week I did finish up my Kathy Schmitz One Stitch at a Time Club stitchery.

I'll be linking up to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  I appreciate this weekly motivation.  Head on over and see what everyone has been up to.    My favorite Sunday activity, other than slow stitching.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop, My Day

Welcome to my day of the Christmas In July, (then and now) Blog Hop!    First I want to thank Carol of Just Let Me Quilt  for the chance to participate in this fabulous Blog Hop!  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate, it starts the day after Thanksgiving.

As soon as a signed up for this hop, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I have wanted to make it for years, ever since this book came out.  It is called Holly Baskets and it was the big quilt on the cover.  

I bought the fabric  right after the book came out, the ticking and other fabrics, and the whole bag of fabric has been residing in the top of my closet all these years.  This quilt was designed by Gerry Kimmel-Carr.    This is my version.  I wasn't able to quilt it as my machine is in the shop still for warranty repairs.  

Last year for the  Christmas In July Blog Hop I made this Christmas Tree Skirt for my sister.

These are some of my other Christmas quilts, including this one I completed last year.

And two of my very first Christmas quilting projects back when I first learned to quilt.  I've been quilting since 1995.  

Be sure and check out the other projects from the other blogs.  I've included the entire list below.  Thanks again to Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt for hosting this fantastic blog hop!

July 27
July 28
July 29
July 30
July 31

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching

I had totally meant to post during the week, but I don't know where the time got to.   Last Sunday, we had a visit from both daughters, and 3 of the 5 grandchildren.  What a great time visiting with all! 

Kristen, our oldest is still working from home and probably will indefinitely.  Katie has just gone back to work full-time.  Kristen's youngest son, Keaton is watching Katie's two, Klara and John, and has been all summer.  It was just 2 days a week, but now is 5 while Katie works. 

We noted as we were taking our picture, that we can always tell what time of year it is by the quilt behind us, which changes with the seasons.

The kids had a good time getting the pirate Legos out.  I think Klara had my poor naked Strawberry Shortcake dolls out too.

While they were here, both girls asked me to make more masks for their families, which I got done yesterday and delivered them.

Klara was so excited when she came over, she had a present for me.    She knows I love mermaids. 
Her mother Katie drew this mermaid for me, and Klara colored it in with watercolors.  It even had a nifty mermaid frame!  I love it!

Have done a lot of working in the gardens this week.  I got the Mexican primrose planted and hauled in a bunch of bags of bark.  I still need to go back over and get more next week.  The bark in my front section has disappeared over the past couple of years, and it needs replaced.  We have a circular driveway and there is a semi-circle garden area in front of the driveway with the sidewalk on the other side.

There are more naked lady flowers coming up in the back gardens.  I think I have 15 up now, and there are 30 bulbs I think.  I replaced the bark out here too.

The other exciting thing this week, my dear husband bought me a new Cricut Explore Air 2.    He had bought me the first ones that came out.  I am really having fun with this one.  It is not the one that cuts fabric I don't think, although it can cut vinyl and felt.

It arrived this morning.  This was my first experiment I tried.  I'm in the middle of working on a memory book for granddaughter Kyleigh and I think I will use this for her memory book.  I still have a lot to learn.  

My slow stitching this week has been on this tea towel, the transfers from Stitcher's Revolution.  
I'm working on a bunch of these for Christmas gifts.  

What I will be working on for Slow Sunday Stitching is this month's stitchery from the One Stitch At a Time Club by Kathy Schmitz.  

I'll be linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching @ Kathy's Quilts.  Be sure and head over and see what everyone has been up to!  Have a great week!  

Christmas In July (then and now) Blog Hop

The Christmas in July Blog Hop is coming up on Monday, July 27th.  I can't wait to show the project I have been working on!

July 27
July 28
July 29
July 30
July 31

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Hand Quilt Along, Slow Sunday Stitching

Hard to believe another three weeks has flown by since the last Hand-Quilt-Along report.  Right now I am working on a hand-embroidery project for the Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop.  My day is on the 28th.     I'll be able to show my projects then.  What I will be working on next is this Kathy Schmitz One Stitch At a Time Club stitchery. 

Be sure and check out the links below and see what they have been up to. 

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

I will also be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Head on over there too, and see the Sunday motivation.  

I have been busy with a lot of gardening this week.  My new area is coming along well.  I pretty much have it how I want it.   I dug up some bulbs from another area, that never bloom, and it has been that way for years.  I am going to plant them in this new area and hope they at long last bloom.  I think they were lilacs, but it has been so long ago, I can't remember.  I guess it will be a nice surprise.  The bit of pink in the back is a dahlia that I just purchased today.  It was too hot to plant today, so I will do that later.  But it isn't going to go in this area, I don't think.

Today I found something I have long looked for.  It is called Mexican Evening Primrose.  Years ago, I had an entire section of this planted and it was so beautiful.  I loved it so much, and then the city came and dug up that area to put in a water meter and it died.  One day I'll find the pictures I took of that and share.  But I got three small pots to start out.  It is the pink one.  I also got another Rudbekia that still needs planting.

Here are some things that have made me happy this week.    The beautiful flowers on my begonias.  

This Rudbekia 

Also my naked ladies are coming up.  These are AKA as Amaryllis Belladona.  In our rainy season, the latter part of the year the foliage comes up, and then dies back.  Then around this time, the flowers come up.    I have a lot of bulbs, just a handful are up right now, but it makes me smile to see them again!

Lastly, this week I received a package from Shelly @Prairie Moon Quilts.    I participate in her 350 Block Project each month, and apparently she draws a name each month, and I was the winner last month.  This was my prize!
A cute apron kit made out of a tea towel!  Thanks so much Shelly!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure and visit the links above for the Hand Quilt-Along, and Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts!  You won't be sorry!

Friday, July 17, 2020

2020 Finish-A-Long, Quarter 3

We are supposed to turn in our lists for the 2020 Finish-A-Long on Instagram, but I like to do it here too.    This is my goal list for Quarter 3.

1)  Project for Christmas in July Blog Hop.   I actually have two I am working on right now. 

2)  Miniquilt for granddaughter Kyleigh's BD.  She admired this one I made, so I plan to make her a similar one for her BD.  

3)  Cassandra's Circle BOM for July, August, and September.  This is the applique BOM by Barbara Brackman @ Civil War Quilts.   These are the past 3 months blocks.

4)  Ella Maria Deacon BOM for July August, and September.  This is the BOM through Sentimental Stitches.    These were last month's blocks.  

5)  Pieces from the Past BOM for the next 3 months.   This is being hosted by Melva @ Melva Loves Scraps.   The blocks were originally published in the Kansas City Star.  This was the last block, called The Dragonfly.  

6)  Buhl-Bushong-Finish Center blocks.    I need to to the remainder of these blocks, which is most of them.

7)  Applique the last two Father Christmas blocks. 

8)  3 Kathy Schmitz Embroideries.    The one I will be working on next is this one.  

9)  Embroider 2 Stitcher's Revolution tea towels.  I have two of this chocolate one to do.

10)   Lighthouse/sailboat quilt top finished to king sized.   This has been this sized for many years, and it has been intended to go on my bed at long last.  

11)  3 lighthouse BOM blocks completed.   This will eventually be for my brother and sister-in-law who love lighthouses like I do.  

I think that should keep me busy for awhile!  Thanks for stopping by!