Monday, July 12, 2010

Back Hopefully

Well I am back hopefully. Nothing major going on, just have been feeling blue for awhile about some decisions I had made.  In March, I accepted an on-call position at Kaiser as a transcriptionist.  I was told I would be called in about 5-6 times a month but I needed to be available when called.  I put myself as working part-time at my on-line transcriptionist position (which this company did not like I ended up quitting.  The Kaiser position, if they had let me work as first quoted would have paid me the equivalent of 2 weeks of working at the other position 6 days a week.  Well I trained for 15 days, I worked 5 days for a girl who went on vacation in April and a couple of other day.o.,  worked 2 days in May, and June 2 days.  This was a position working in pathology, where some of the doctors dictated under fans that were very noisy and I was having trouble with the dictation, plus the front office girl talking very loudly when she got excited.   My on-line is digital quality dictation, and the sound quality at this Kaiser is going back about 25 years, plus the addition of the fans.   So they haven't called me back.  I meanwhile accepted another on-line position that again the pay is peanuts, and put in for a bunch of Kaiser positions.  I think I am transferring out of Pathology, and have been accepted at another position, should hear back this week. 

But in the midst of all this, we do have wonderful news.  Katie, my baby, who will turn 31 next month, will be having her first baby, a boy, somewhere around September 17th.   This was a picture I took last week at her 7 month appointment .