Friday, May 18, 2012


The stitch Sharon B. chose for this week's Take a Stitch Tuesday was the Bullion Knot.  I have done these in the past and the examples below are some I did in a Brazillian Embroidery round robin I was in. 

Both of these designs I purchased  from JDR Brazillian Embroidery Elegance.

I am working on another sample of Bullion Knots, but am not quite finished.  Am also busy with my
Sumptuous Surfaces Class by Sharon B, and getting ready for vacation next week.  Only have 3 more days to work and I'm off for 6.

Monday, May 14, 2012

TAST-Week 19-Half Chevron

Last week's stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday being run by Sharon Boggan was the Half Chevron.  This was another new stitch for me.  I didn't get very far with it, just the basic stitch. 

Last week was a busy one.  In addition to working full time, I also am committed to doing the CQJP this year, so I got May's block made, which I need to get busy on.  Also I started Sharon B's Sumptuous Surface Embroidery class and have been busy working on my design in my little bit of free time.  Today I am heading
to jury duty and I don't mind serving this week if chosen, but next week is my vacation, and I sure hope I
don't get a long trial!  We'll see in a couple of hours.  Right now, I want to go dye some laces for my May
CQJP block before I head out for jury duty.  This month my block will be my parents' wedding picture.

Friday, May 04, 2012

TAST-Week 18-Crossed Buttonhole

The stitch Sharon B chose this week for the TAST was the Crossed Buttonhole.  This was one I have never
tried, and I liked it.  I chose to do mine sample on a piece of wired ribbon which I can add to my work at a later date.  I also added lazy daisy and some beads.  My picture isn't the greatest as the light is not so good
early this morning.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CQJP-2012-April Block

My April CQJP is the wedding picture of my dear inlaws.  My father-in-law was in the Navy,  and my mother-in-law cleverly made herself a uniform.  I always thought this was the cutest picture of them, and such happy  faces. 

The lace fan in the corner I was happy to purchase from Cathy's Crazy by Design Etsy Shop.

The hand-painted pansy button I purchased from Gerry Krueger's Older Rose Etsy Shop.

I had fun with this block, and fond memories of my in-laws. 

My May CQJP block will be my parents' wedding picture.  I got the block pieced today so I will be able work on it before I go to work tomorrow.