Saturday, June 27, 2009

I received a package from Western Australia yesterday afternoon. At first I was not sure what I had ordered, but then looking on the envelope it said it was my pincushion swap.

This was the lovely pincushion that Kate made for me. I needed one out by handsewing area,
and this will be perfect.

In addition, she also send me some lovely fabric and threads
and a postcard from Australia.

Thanks again Kate, your package made my day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday I also finished up the Birds and Bees RR. This is Debby's block. I don't think she has a blog. I was the last person to work on this block, so I worked on the remaining patches left blank.
This block was sent home finished to Debby.

I first did this spray of silk ribbon embroidery leaves, and the pink flowers on the left corner. You can't see it, but the leafy fabric underneath had some pink blossoms which I tried to duplicate in my stitching.

This patch was also blank and I added some coneflowers and a butterfly charm.

And this was the last patch left blank, and I added the beaded daisy type flower.

This is the total block.


Last week, I had the pleasure of working on Simona's landscape block. This is the whole block. I was the second person to work on it, 1st person having worked on the sky, which is hard to tell from my poor photography.

I decided her landscape needed a tree, and I added a cherry blossom tree.

Here is a little bit more detail on what I did. I also added the sequin flowers, and the stitching on the patches around the tree.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


If you are interested in a great CQ blog to check out, Wendy is about to celebrate her blogaversary on her Stitchdutchess Crazy & Sane Quilting blog and is having a great giveaway. Wendy does lovely stitching and has a great blog.

The results of the CQI 2009 purse contest, all the purse entries are up on the CQI Blog, and you can check it out here. I thought all the entries were fantastatic and had a tough time voting myself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


recently participated in Pat Winter's Pieces of Friendship Swap, where we made these puzzle pieces, and Pat swapped them out earlier this week, and I received mine and am delighted!

This one was from Cindy Bughuis from Clara City, Mn.

This one (I think) Pat Winter. I am pretty sure I saw it on her blog.

This one is from Mary Schuberg.

And this one is from Liz in Kansas.

These are all exquisitely stitched and beaded, and they look wonderful when you put them together.

A new RR is starting up. This one is a summer do-your-own block. These are the ones I am sending out. I am calling mine Summer Days and Summer Nights.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail and found out the results were up on the
CQI annual purse contest I had entered. I could not share my pictures of the purse I entered
until after the voting was finished and the results were posted. There were 2 categories this
year, regular crazy quilting of which there were 9 entries, and other techniques of which there were 2 entries, 1 of which was mine. I won 2nd place in my category! Later, when the purses have been posted in the CQ blog, I will be able to share the pictures of the others. There were some beautiful purses entered this year, and I had a hard time voting myself, they were all lovely.

I decided to make an evening purse that I can take on our cruises. Because I was running out of time, and it was down to 3 weeks before the due date, I decided to just do silk ribbon embroidery. The wisteria-type tree took more than a week to do by itself.

Detail of bottom portion

The other side

Friday, June 12, 2009


I signed up for the covered tin swap on CQI. What we were to do was take a tin (we signed up for a specific size) and cover it it. I chose to do Altoids tins. I am a collector of tins of any kind and I had tons of these.

This is the top of the first tin

This is the front

This is the inside, and the goodies I filled it with

This is tin #2. I did not get a good picture of the front.

This is the inside and the goodies.

This is tin #3 and my favorite.

This is the front

This is the inside and the goodies included. I hope my recipients like them!

Friday, June 05, 2009


I am participating in Sandra's Pincushion Swap, and I have my package all ready to go in the mail this morning.

This is the pincushion I made. Actually it was about the 3rd one I made, I wasn't satisfied with the first 2!

This is the whole package of goodies I am sending. I hope my recipient likes her package!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Autumn RR

Yesterday I pieced this block for a new round robin, this time an Autumn block. I love these colors, Autumn, one of my favorite times of the year.

The big thing I have been working on for the past several weeks, I cannot show yet. I entered the CQI purse contest again this year, but I cannot show pictures of that until after the voting is concluded in a week or so. I am really excited and proud of my entry this year.