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Sunday, June 14, 2009


recently participated in Pat Winter's Pieces of Friendship Swap, where we made these puzzle pieces, and Pat swapped them out earlier this week, and I received mine and am delighted!

This one was from Cindy Bughuis from Clara City, Mn.

This one (I think) Pat Winter. I am pretty sure I saw it on her blog.

This one is from Mary Schuberg.

And this one is from Liz in Kansas.

These are all exquisitely stitched and beaded, and they look wonderful when you put them together.

A new RR is starting up. This one is a summer do-your-own block. These are the ones I am sending out. I am calling mine Summer Days and Summer Nights.


Lea said...

Love the name of your RR!
and those puzzles.... I'm very impressed. :-)

Pat Winter said...

OMG! Wouldn't it figure the hostess would forget to sign her pieces????I am so sorry. Yes, that was one of mine. I am glad you were pleased with your pieces. They were all chosen upside down,LOL. It was the only fair way when you are working alone,LOL.
Thanks for playing.

Maggie R said...

The pieces of friendship you received are all so beautiful . It was a fun trade. I must get my pieces up on my blog. I just got back from a retreat this week and am a bit pooped!!.. ;-}