Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look What I Won!, I am off

Wendy recently had a giveaway celebrating her 100th post, and I won! You can go here
and see pictures of what I won. I received Wendy wonderful package today and I thank you so much Wendy I love everything, the fabrics, thread, cards. What a great package to receive in the mail.

I would have posted my own pictures, but my cameras are packed. We are heading out in the morning for a getaway. We are first visiting John's 87-year-old mom for 1-1/2 days in San Diego, and then Saturday we set sail for Hawaii. Hope to have a lot of great pictures when I get back.

I have a lot of redwork Christmas ornaments and a penny rug as Christmas gifts I hope to get
done while I am gone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Win 1 of 3 Quilts

Dana at Old Red Barn Co. is giving away not 1, but 3 quilts this time. Go
here to enter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mail Call

My work has been crazy lately, and I meant to post these last week.

I love to shop Pat Winter's Etsy shop. I actually got these several weeks ago. I love her hand-dyed silk ribbon and ordered these and they came with some silky images on fabric.

I ordered the pansy one and the butterfly, they came with 2 of the ribbons.

Pat, dear friend that she is, gave me a few extra.

She also gifted me with this lovely crazy quilt pendant she made.

If you haven't had an opportunity to visit Pat Etsy shop, it is a wonderful experience. She has silk ribbon she has hand-dyed, she has bliss kits which include the silky images, beads, ribbon, she has her CQ book which she published, and she also has jewelery, purses she has made, and also eyeglass cases.

Molly's Lotto block, Gail's Stocking

I have been trying to get swaps and RRs completed before our vacation next week.
This is another Lotto block, this time Molly's. She was in a block of the month and had gotten behind, so she sent us fabrics from that. This was Civil War reproductions, but I forget the name of the block

And this is Gail's CQ RR stocking, from the small CQ RR I am in with a small group of friends, Moira, Susan and Gail. Gail is making a stocking for her daughter. This side, I worked on everything from below the lace to above the button. This had previously been stitched on by Susan and Moira.

This is the other side.

The coppery seam is the one I worked on on this side. I sent this off to Gail last week. She is hoping to finish it up before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Karrin's Chili

My friend Karen South shared her chili recipe several days ago, and has invited us to share our own recipes and link back to her. She is going to have a drawing in several days for some CQ goodies, I was not going to do this, mainly because my recipe is in my head, and I don't measure anything.

I generally make up a huge batch of chili, and share it with my 2 daughters, and freeze some for later. This recipe is the ingredients I put in it, not quantities.

Karrin's Chili

Browned hamburger
Browned Italian sausage, I generally buy bulk but links can be taken out of casing.
Onion diced and browned with the meat
Garlic 1 clove diced and browned with the meat.
Chili Beans
Ranch Style Beans
Kidney Beans
Black Beans
Rotel Tomatoes
Tomato Puree
Tomato Sauce
Diced Tomatoes
Chili Powder
Salt and Pepper to Taste

I just mix everything together and simmer for 3-4 hours.

What I Have Been Up To

I have been working on a number of things I cannot show pictures of, including my present for the person I am Secret Santa to, in the Chookyblue 2008 Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I finished my present, and I just need to package it up with a few other items.

This was another Lotto block, the monthly swap I am in with a small group of friends. October was also Captain Nancy's month and she sent us this fabric to make her the Swamp Angel block.

I finished it up and sent it off to her.

And this is Susan's CR RR block, from the small CQ RR I am in with a small group of friends, Moira, Susan and Gail.

I worked on the polka dot seam, and the one below the stripes.

This is a view of the overall block

Another view. I also stitched around the love block and below it.

It is really hard for me to get my lighting right so I can get a decent picture.

Look What I Won!

As I mentioned in my prior post, yesterday was a wonderful squishey mail day. My postal lady Victoria also had her eye on this package.

Last month, my friend Rengin was having a drawing to celebrate her 50th birthday, with "50 pieces of goodies". While I did not win that prize, 2 other people's names were chosen to win a small baggie of goodies. Well my package arrived yesterday and it was a pretty huge 3 baggies of goodies. There was this one with assorted charms, fabrics, beads and threads.

There was this baggy with even more ribbons, fabrics, and threads

And another baggy with these Christmas colors of fabrics,beads,ribbons, and sequins.

Thank you so much Rengin, your package was another that added to a really good day! I will really have a fun time using all these wonderful embellishments!

My Stitcher's Angel

Yesterday was a very good mail day for me. I think my mail lady Victoria wanted to
make off with my packages. She is a quilter and a crafter and always comments when
I get interesting packages.

I was so excited I received my package from my
Stitcher's Angel, Inger Lise from Norway. I read this post the other day, and was wondering if that was my package being mailed off. Well it was!

It is hard to see from these pictures, and the background I used this morning, but she made all my items in a dark blue, and blue just happens to be my favorite color.

There is this cute little scissors holder, complete with scissors!

She had the packages neatly numbered on which way to open them but I forget which was which now.

But there was a cute bag with my name on it too!

And then there was this needlebook, also really nice.

And last but no least, Inger Lise made me
a necklace and earrings too!

I love everything Inger Lise, and truly appreciate everything you did! You made my day! Thank you again!