Friday, July 31, 2009


This was the end of this round robin for me. These are Lauri's under the sea blocks. This was the block I worked on. In this block at the bottom under the lobster, I crocheted a sea anemone and added some of Rengin's magnificent oyas (the flowers).

All of Lauri's blocks are being mailed home to her today, and she has 1 left to embellish herself.

This was the block that Lisa worked on, I loved her octopus. Sorry I was wrong, as my DD pointed out this is a jellyfish.

This was the block that Peggy worked on, I am not sure if she has a blog or not. I really loved her beaded mermaid.

This was the block that Lyn worked on. I really liked that giant squid and her cute little fish charms.

This is the block that Pam worked on. Pam has had quite a time recently with medical problems
and had sent off her poor octopus with 3 legs, she realized after looking at a photo of it, and asked
me to put some more on. I really loved her shell garden and snail and netting.


  1. All the work here is awesome..Each block is a story in itself but put them together you can see the whole ocean..Congratulations to all of you..Skye

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Karrin you have no idea how very thankful I am that you posted a picture of each block of Lauri's UTS. I have to put them on the CQI blog and they were not named with who did them in the photo section, you just saved me so much time!!!! Thank you thank you!

    BTW i love your work on the block, it is so pretty, your fiber use is stunning. So nicely done!!!

  3. Great work. All blocks are so beautiful

  4. Love seeing the basket on this block - it made my morning thanks!