Friday, April 23, 2010

Wonderful squishie suprise

Several weeks ago I received a note from a follower of my blog, Michelle where she explained "My hands don't hand stitch any more.  I would like to send you my box of laces, threads and embellishments.  Would you take them and use them?  I don't want anything more than to know my favorite things are being used." 

Yesterday I received a large box and wondered what it was.  Upon opening it I saw that it was Michelle's gift of laces, trims, a bunch of exciting fibers and threads.  I will be able to use this bounty not only for crazy quilting but with my felting machine.  

I felt like I was having Christmas all over again.  Thanks again Michelle for such a wonderful bounty of materials and I will surely put them to good use!


Moira said...

What a wonderful thing to happen. Enjoy all of your new goodies!

Anonymous said...