Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Time got away from me this week, I had my stitches done, but my computer was not cooperating downloading my pictures. 

Sharon B's stitch for the TAST, week 5 was the Herringbone stitch.  I use this one frequently and have some samples from my WIP (works in progress) and my CQJP-February block. 

 This one is really hard to see, but the herringbone is in a cream-colored thread with blue beads.
 This is a double herringbone.

With detached chain stitches
This is one from my CQJP stacked on top of one another with beads where they connect

From another WIP, with elongated chains and wotj straight stitches crossing the herringbone stitches

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Kathleen said...

I am glad you joined the tast challenge. I love to visit you blog and see your work Kathy