Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Last week's stitch was the chain stitch for Sharon B's TAST.

I am late posting this, and I have to admit that my example is something I did years, and years ago, specifically in the 1970's.  I had met my husband, and he romanced me with Neil Diamond songs on his guitar.  On one of Neil's albums, of which I had them all, he was wearing a shirt that appeared embroidered, and I embroidered my sweetheart this shirt.  This is only one side of it.  This is almost all chain stitch, and the chain stitches are so close together I can barely tell the stitches at all. 

I think he wore the shirt once, and someone took a picture of us.  That picture is going to be the subject of March's CQJP, and that was why I pulled this shirt out and took a look at it. 
Hard to believe that this is probably around 39 years old!


Masha Novoselova said...

Karrin, this is very romantic story! and very beautiful embroidering! :)
hugs from Russia,

Susan said...

All that beautiful work! Is he afraid to wear it? Somewhere in storage, I still have all those albums! Probably unplayable now. =)