Friday, March 09, 2012


I didn't want to get too far behind on Sharon B's TAST .  Last week's stitch was the couching stitch.  For my example, I decided to make a paisley.

I started out by couching down some yarn with some
beads attached.  Only 2 beads ended up showing on this small sample though.  I used a herringbone stitch to couch this down.

My lighting is poor as am trying to get this posted before I go to work
this morning though. 

Next I did a pink chain round, then I couched black striped yarn down.
The next row, which is hard to see is a herringbone in a multicolored thread, then another chain round in another glizy thread. 

Finally I did a few running stitches in the middle.  Didn't have much
time to explore the running stitch this week.  On one of my days off
I had the pleasure of watching my almost 18-month-old grandson John.

Tomorrow I will share my naked March CQJP block.  I couldn't take any decent pictures at all of that block. Will try this evening when
the light is better

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