Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moira's block, RR Vest

This was Moira's block I recently finished. I added a feather stitch on the left side of the kitty on the purple strip, and on the gold/orange strip I added a 2-color I think cretan. Both of these seams were done using the Sassa Lynne thread Susan Nixon has been getting.

In 1998, I was in a vest RR with a group of ladies, and this was my ocean vest I pieced. I still get compliments when I wear it. The ladies that worked on my vest fronts did such a good job.

We are getting ready to take off for a short cruise and I am taking this with me.


Susan said...

Love your vest, understand why you get so many great comments!

Moira's block is looking so pretty!

Wendy said...

How cute is the kitten one. I am so going to do something like that for the crazy quilt that I am going to make for my daughter.