Monday, October 15, 2007


Since my last post, I have been cruising from Vancouver to San Diego, visited MIL in San Diego, and gotten home again and back to work.

Yesterday, had a wonderful visit with Susan Nixon, Fran Regos and Candi Harris.

This is a garden round robin I am in with Susan, Fran, Moira, and Gail and this is Fran's block.

This is actually the second round on this block, and the first round, I had done the fence embroidery, the tree above it, and there is a ribbon seam between them.

This round I did the seam below Susan's spider web, and a hard to see wreath beside it.

I was able to show the girls this block yesterday, before I mail it off to Gail today. The girls' visit yesterday was the highlight that topped off my birthday week!


  1. block looks great so far! I tagged you--you now have to do a MEME---hugs *~*CAROLE*~* (trading fabrics)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the work you've done on my block....thanks soooo much! Fran