Sunday, September 09, 2007

Susan's Garden RR block

This weekend, I finished up my second round with Susan's Garden RR block. The first round I had added the feather stitch and pearls going up the side of the block, and some hand-dyed floral lace right beside it.

This round, I found some nifty leaves at a scrapbook shop and added that, and made some Mokuba ribbon flowers. I also added some scallops above the picture, but they are hard to see.

Susan wanted to know what the inside of my jewelry roll looked like, and it is really simple,just pockets but it looks like this:


  1. Okay, and then you fold the sides over, then fold again and tie? Great idea!

    Love my block - heart, heart, heart.

  2. YES__the block is most lovely! GREAT WORK!!! *~*CAROLE*~*

  3. Ooooh Karrin the flowers came out beautiful! Love the jewelry holder.