Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cell Phone Case

I just discovered there was one finished item I had not shared.  Several months ago, a friend asked if I could make a cell phone case for her.  She wanted it to hang from her shoulder like a purse but she just wanted a case for her cell phone.

I asked her if she would like me to add fringe, I had just made the pink Boho and had lots of leftovers from that, and she said she would love it, whatever I wanted to do.  She absolutely loved her case, and told me ladies had stopped her in expensive department stores, and asked her where she had gotten it!

I saw her last week, and she told me her mother loves her case, and asked if I could make her one too, to hang from her shoulder.  And her mother loves butterflies.  So I am piecing that one right now.


Pat Winter said...

Wonderful! It is so pretty, I bet she gets stopped a lot.

Annette said...

very pretty and the fringe just makes it. xo

Rozer Methew said...

Yeah, It looks fab and I really though she have some more creative ideas of cell phone cases.