Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kyleigh's Vest

My 6-year-old granddaughter has long been fascinated by ocean life, whales and dolphins. I had planned to get this finished by Christmas, but life got in the way, plus she wanted me to make her teacher a dolphin quilt to hang in the classroom (still waiting to be quilted).

I don't know how much embellishing will be done on this, as it will be washed, but I do plan to do some. I know it is busy, but these are the fabrics she loves. I have some really neat fabric for the back and lining, which I will show when I finish it.

So this will be my next hand project.


  1. Karrin, I guess it is busy, but not *too* busy. The fabrics look wonderful together, and I know this will please her. You know you'll have to do another when she outgrows this one! =)

  2. Your granddaughter will be delighted when she get this, it is very special.

  3. Love the vest Karrin, your GD will love it, I can just see her showing it off. LOL.

  4. Karrin, the vest is just great!! You do such beautiful work:) I promise I'll call and get together soon. Life has been out of control for a while.

  5. Your GD will love the vest. As the others have said already, I'm sure she'll treasure it and show it off.

  6. This is a real cutie - and a beauty it will be on her!