Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have been working really hard to get Kyleigh's vest finished the past couple of weeks. I wanted her to get a chance to wear it before school ended, as her class is The Dolphins.

This is the back, I know it is busy, but just what this
6-year-old likes.

This is a little more detail of the left and right sides of the vest. I found some cute buttons at a bead shop, it is sort of hard to see but the jumping fish on the left side in the seaweed is one, and the "Nemo" fish on the other vest side is one.


  1. GREAT JOB!!!! love the colors, too!!

  2. Karrin, it is just the cutest thing! Kyleigh must be thrilled to death!

    I ordered some stationery with her cat on it. That's still one of my favorites of her drawings.

  3. Oh Karrin, this is just to cute, be sure to have her model it for us.

  4. Kyleigh's vest is beautiful! She's going to love it. :o)