Sunday, December 09, 2007


Three years ago, my friend Moira gave a group of us a link where we could purchase these laser cut nativity scenes. All you had to do was iron them on a batik fabric. I purchased 3 of them, 1 for myself, and 1 for daughters Katie and Kristen. That year, I did not have time to get them done, so I put the patterns in gift baggies for the girls. Forgetting I did that, last year, I ironed them onto batik fabric, but still did not have time to complete them, again put them in gift baggies for the girls. This afternoon, I finally finished up the project, and plan to give them to the girls tomorrow at Jaeger's birthday at the ice cream parlor, so they can get a chance to hang them this year. I say, better late than never!

Karrin's branch of Santa's workshop has been busy also on gifts for the boys: I purchased sweatshirts and embroidered some motifs on with my embroidery machine:

This is for Keaton

This is for Jaeger


  1. I agree! They look just beautiful. Did you do yours, too?

    The sweatshirts are so cute! I like the way you put that - Karrin's branch of Santa's Workshop

  2. Santa's Workshop? Sure it isn't Santa's "Sweat"shop?