Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moira's block

I got a block done, as part of a small group of internet friends' monthly swap. Each month, one of our members chooses the block they want made, send out fabric, and specifies a block they would like and we provide the background, or the other fabrics. Then we send the completed blocks back to that person.

This month, it was Moira's month. She sent out the plaid fabric, which I absolutely love, and would have kept if I could have. She asked that white-on-white be the background and we provide the center color and 4 squares.
This block was from a handout called "Mocha Trail"

My month was supposed to be September, but since we are just about ready to leave on vacation, I switched my month to November instead.


Judy S. said...

Have a lovely vacation, Karrin. Your Mocha block is very nice!

Moira said...

Love the block Karrin! Can't wait to see it in person.

Susan said...

Karrin, that's gorgeous! I love the block you made for Moira.47