Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Before I left for our cruise, I had Lyn's Landscape II block to do. I didn't want to rush through it, so I asked her permission to bring it with me. This was a pretty big block, and Lyn had said she did not expect it to come back finished. Lyn had also asked that we incorporate these little face charms into our work. I had taken some threads and fibers to make a tree, but after visiting 2 of the yarn fiber shops and finding some wonderful nubby yarns, in brown and green, I was really inspired.

Every morning we were on ship, I would go up to the Explorations Internet/library section of the ship, which had a large table I could spread out on, and work. Ladies, and men, would stop by and inquire about what I was working on, sometimes everyday I was there, and would follow my progress.

This is the tree I made, plus I did the 2 little bushes beside it. I also stitched along the top of the green fabric.

As I was the last person working on this block, and she had 1 face left, I made a toadstool to incorporate the face into.

This is the whole block, on its way home to Lyn today.

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  1. Welcome back home, Karrin! Looks like you had a productive trip adventurewise and stashwise. Don't you just love how yarn fits anywhere in a suitcase and weighs next to nothing? Loved that tree and mushroom. The flowerrairy's nice too.