Friday, October 02, 2009

Autumn RR, Rita's Block

The past week I have been working on Rita's Autumn RR. I was the last person to stitch on this block and it was a pleasure. The ladies who had worked on it before me had done such wonderful work. I first added the orange/gold piece of hand-dyed lace. Next I worked on the
acorns using Marie A. Frietas' book called the Art of Dimension Embroidery, recommended by

Next I added some of my hand-dyed leaves. I also did the stitching right beside that, I followed the pattern on the fabric and accented the trailing leaves in thread.

This is the whole block, and it is being shipped off to Rita today.


  1. You did a beautiful job finishing this block. I liked it all from the dyed lace to the acorns and finally to the leaves and tendril running through the patch.

    Very nice and I am sure the owner will be pleased.



  2. Your leaves are fabulous, Karrin, and I LOVE the acorns! Nice work, and lucky Rita.

  3. Beautiful work, as always, Karrin. And I love your Making Memories blocks, too. Haven't had time to comment on the CQI list, but wanted you to know that your stitching is always GORGEOUS and I always look forward to seeing your work. Big hugs, Cathy

  4. I love the work you did on the block, the acorns and leaves are great. Can you tell me what the leaves are made out of?? you said they were hand-dyed are they lace or fabric. Ellen P

  5. Karrin:

    Your work on Rita's block is so beautiful, you inspired me to choose autumn flower fairies for the new "Fairies II RR" that will begin on November 1st.

    Wonderful block!!!