Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Crackers

I participated in the annual Christmas Cracker Swap on Crazy Quilting International this year. I wanted to last year but had too many things going on. Christmas Crackers are an English custom. You could sign up from 1-3 to swap, and I chose 2. What you do is take a paper towel cylinder and cut it to 7" and then stuff it with all sorts of CQ goodies and wrap it with either a plain fabric or piece a block, and embellish it or not.

This was the contents of the cracker I received from Aida.  She made a lovely pieced block which wrapped my cracker on the top, and the rest were the contents, all soft of luscious ribbons, fabrics, trims lace and lace motifs and even a tape measure, of which I can never have enough.  Thanks again Aida. I had so much fun opening this!

The next cracker I received was from Janet.  This was the wrapping of the cracker, it is even gorgeously embellished!

And these were the contents of this cracker.  It was chock full of beautiful fabric, lace and charms.  I had such a good time with this swap, I am so glad I participated this year.  Thanks again Janet, for a lovely pieced and embellished block and all the wonderful goodies inside!


  1. Hey Karrin - I gave you a blog award. moira

  2. How cool are those crackers! I gave you a blog award but you will need to go to my blog to copy and paste.