Sunday, April 08, 2012

Seed Bead Botany Class

This was the last week of Nancy Eha's Seed Bead Botany on-line class offered by Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions.   I have had a great time with this class, and sorry to have it end.  They are offering another class May 22nd if anyone is interested. 

This shows my sample of green and purple grapes, although
they don't show up too good on this patch of fabric.  

This was my first attempt at raspberries.  I need to
work on my leaves though.
This was my second practice with the raspberries, until I ran out of beads.  Will have to go look for some berry-colored beads this week.  I want to do some blackberries too.  This is on a very, very slow work in progress (VVSWIP).  It was the class piece I worked on a number of years ago in my first Judith Baker Montano Class.  One of these days I will finish up this because I really love it!

Time to go to work.  Happy Easter everyone who celebrates!


Masha Novoselova said...

so lovely! raspberries are wonderful!
hugs from Russia,

Raphaela said...

Beautiful bead embroidery.