Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Houston International Quilt Festival-2012

I thought I had better share my Houston trip before I go back to work tomorrow.  Thursday morning Cathy, Liz and I picked up Pat Winter, and her friend Dawn Crowder from the airport, and part of us had breakfast at a Mexican Restaurant before heading to the show

Liz is in the green shirt standing up, Dawn is in the middle and Cathy (our excellent driver for 3 days) on the end.  Pat and I are sitting down.  There were 4 of us with our Boho bags.

 This was our first glimpse of the show, looking from the second floor down into the venders section.  There were over 1,000 venders!

There were many beautiful quilts and exquisite clothing and dolls.  I was in wonderland looking at everything.  This has been my dream for many years to go to this Quilt Festival.

The next 2 days, the girls and I decided to visit thrift shops to see what we could find.  Pat and I found some dresses we could cut up.  At 1 thrift shop we put on silly vests and picked up bags to pose in.


On day we went to a restaurant called Brasil, which was very good.  The only place we saw the name of the restaurant was on the glass in the window. 

One day we went to High Fashion Fabrics and we posed on a sofa outside the store.  

Liz trying on a top in High Fashion Fabrics.  

The last day we visited a few antique stores.  I loved the blue color on this one.  But of blue is one of my favorite colors! 


  1. oh yall had a blast I can tell. thanks for sharing it all with us. ox

  2. what a great few days you had, the quilt show looks to be a place for a big spend to me.

  3. What a blast we had, Karrin!! It was so much fun meeting all the girls and we all hit it off so well! Thanks for the recap ... and the memories. Looking forward to another "jaunt"!

  4. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had such a super time.

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Looks like you had a uniquely wonderful Houston experience!