Friday, February 08, 2013

Nancy's Boho

After I had finished my Boho Bag, I showed it around at work.  Two of the nurses I work with expressed interest in me making one for them too.

Nancy was the first one, so I made hers first and just finished it yesterday before I went back to work for the week.  She had wanted greens and earth colors.

She was thrilled with the result. The other ladies at work were ooying and ahing too.   I need to adjust the strap though today before I go to work and then I can call this one done.

 This is the back.

                       Under the flap:

The last photo is of the one of the inside pockets.  There are a row of pockets on the other side, but they are the same color as the lining fabric and hard to photograph.

Pat Winter's booklet Boho Fever was where I got the instructions to make this bag, and can be found at her site.

I will post my granddaughter's bag tomorrow.  I finished that one for Christmas, and she was delighted with it!


Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Love it!!!! She will carry this all the time, great job Karrin!

margaret said...

a great bag, think you are going to have your work organised for the next few months with orders for all your workmates.

Annette said...

How pretty and I know all will treasure the ones you make for them. Oh please post on the class blog so more can see how pretty this is. Great job my friend. xoxoxox