Saturday, April 21, 2018

Weekly Progress 4/15-4/20/18

I have made some progress on granddaughter Kyleigh's graduation quilt.  I have the center section together.  

To take this picture, I moved the side blocks off to the side stacked on top of one another so I know where I had them placed.  Somehow in the process I have misplaced 2 blocks.  They hadn't been moved from the dining room floor, but they have disappeared overnight.  So I have to search more or make more blocks.  

I am participating  in Buttermilk Basin's  3 day A Tisket, A Tasket stich and sew-a-long and finished yesterdays block.  

I am off to pick up 2 grandsons who are going to help me with my yard work and visit with Papa. 

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