Thursday, March 06, 2008


I am in a small group of ladies that do a Lotto block each month. It used to be a drawing each month. One person would provide the fabric, and send it to all the participants, and we would make a block. There would be a drawing at the end of the month, and the winner would win all the blocks, that was why it was called Lotto.

It is different the past 2 years. Now we each choose a month. On your month you send fabrics to everyone. You can specify a block if you want, you specify the size, and then you get the blocks back. I made this for Susan with her fabrics. She asked that WOW be used from our stash but she sent the rest.

The following is another one of my UFOs. We have a talented quilter, artist in our area named Gretchen Jennings. I first met her years ago at the LQS. She used to be 1 of 2 ladies doing primitive quilts that they designed, and the club was called "Red Wagon". Every year was a different theme. Pretty soon, it was just Gretchen doing the Red Wagon club. I also took her carving classes, and she is a master carver and we did cute little pins we could wear. I also made an Uncle Sam necklace which I will have to reassemble as my granddaughter disassembled it when she was a toddler.

The last time I took one of Gretchen's classes, she had designed a Mary Engelbreit Quilt which I think lasted about 8 months, 1 block a month. These are my blocks from that class, and I still have about 5 blocks to do. I got the BRILLIANT idea to make 2 at the same time, 1 for me, and 1 for my daughter Kristen who loves Mary Engelbreit also. So 2 blocks I got 2 sets done. These are not available anywhere to purchase the pattern. You had to attend the class. But with the Mary Engelbreit new fabric line out I thought I would share this UFO. I think I need to embroider the faces so they show up better though.

My granddaughter called this Mean Girl.

The blocks I have to do are a little girl sweeping the floor with an apron on, two brothers, two sisters, a little girl mixing batter, sitting on the floor, and a little boy in a big armchair.


Lea said...

Karrin, your star block is very beautiful. I love those color you picked for this block! Very lovely.
and OMG!!!! Your Mary Engelbreit blocks are SOOOOO adoralbe!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'd love to see entire quilt, so please don't put it on your UFO list! *S*
P.S. Your granddaughter made me chuckled. "Mean girl" hun? *LOL*

Kim said...

Love the ME blocks! I was at Quilters' Corner tonight and asked if they were getting the new fabric in. Nope. But I got a peek at it because two of the shop owners had ordered a kit just for themselves. If you run into it anywhere around here on the bolts, let me know. Do you think you'll get around to finishing up your blocks?

Nadine said...

Ooooh, these are sooooo cute, Karrin ! They remind me of my childhood... Nostalgia....