Monday, March 03, 2008


The past couple of days I have been involved in cleaning up my sewing room, and organizing that closet, and a chest of drawers, and Saturday, helping DD#2 choose a wedding dress. I also started hand-quilting a bit on my old Christmas UFO, deciding I didn't like what I did, and picking it out. Saturday, Katie and her fiance came to dinner, and last night Kristen, Jeff and kids came over.

This piece is from a swap I was in a number of years ago on the CQ list, called "It's Your Bag". You sent a number of fabrics, trims, and embellishments to your partner and she made something out of your baggie of goodies. I don't remember who made my under the sea project, she didn't label it, but I was thrilled with what I got back. I keep meaning to put a hanging sleeve on it, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

This is a flimsy that I made several years ago, I still need to quilt it. It was by Patchwork Pieces and called Primitive Lilies. The original quilt was 60 x 60, without the border, but I found the perfect fabric for the border so added that. I think this one measures about 70 x 70.

The next time I get the Handiquilter out I plan to work on getting this one quilted.

I forgot to add about why I have been a bum. I am an avid reader. Last week a friend gave me 2 banker sized boxes of books. I separated them into ones I have read, and ones I have not, and I ended up with 1 box of new books. I think in the past week I have read almost 5 books, and I work full time. So I have not been getting any handwork done, or sewing on my machine. That has to change this week though, as I have some projects due next week for swaps.


Carole said...

Well, if you love to read, gosh go for an MA in philosophy and Religious thoughts! LOL That's all I do is read! I'm barely fitting pleasure reading in there! Love getting a peak in your UFO closet! Such lovely projects you have. You know, maybe the quilt police will come after me but I tend to marry hand quilting with machine quilting. I refuse to stitch by hand if it's not going to be seen. So "in the ditch" is always done by machine. I have a quilt that's been in the hand quilting mode for years. I think I have too many hand projects! ;o) Keep well!

Lea said...

Karrin, Your prim quilt is very beautiful. The colors is so lovely.
the bag project sounds so fun and your partner made a gorgeous quilt. It's so sad that She didn't put a level though.

Susan said...

You are entitled to some bum time. Wish I lived next door, I'd come borrow some of the already-read books! I really like the way the prim flowers turned out. That border *is* perfect for it. The cq piece is just wonderful - it's fun and beautiful both!

Christine said...

Thanks for dropping by. I have just enjoyed reading some of your posts. Love the Primitive Lillies quilt. Will visit again soon.