Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I finished this little stitchery this weekend, as a thank you surprise for someone, and mailed it off yesterday. I have no idea who the designer is. My local quilt shop used to have stitchery night once a month, and we would receive the design already traced on the fabric and the threads all ready to go. There were several times where I just picked up my kit, and did not attend stitchery night. I came across this one several weeks ago and decided to finish it up.

Lea of Simple Pleasures recently asked to see some of my quilting UFOs. This is probably the oldest one. This was one of my first quilting projects. The applique was not hard for me, as it is my favorite, although these pieces are sewn on by buttonhole stitch and my stitches are huge. But that is OK, it is primitive. I can't remember whose pattern it was. I think it was a Red Wagon but could not find the book. It is hand-quilted in the blocks with echo stitching. Then I got to the borders and stopped. I was going to put some holly leaves in the sashings and borders, but never got that far. I was looking for a good stencil. And it has sat on a quilt rack for probably 13 years. I plan to finish this. I will free-hand the leaves I have decided. My problem is I have always worked full-time or more and it takes me too long to hand quilt things. But I think this one is far enough along that I might be able to finish it up this year. I even have one more of the wreaths on a block that will be for a matching pillow already finished.

This is another of my UFOs. It was called Flourishes by Piece of Cake. I used to have a deal with my LQS on at least 3 block of the months. I made her a shop sample, and she would give me the patterns and fabrics to make mine. Well by the time I made hers, and 7 of these blocks I was tired of it, or she had given me another to make. So this is where this one is at. I think I have 5 more blocks to go and pieced borders. This will have to wait awhile.

So that is 2 of my UFOs.


Lea said...

Oh, What a cute stitchery! I love those yellow and purple flowers. They are adorable!
and Karrin, your UFO's are so beautiful!
Yes, I think the first quilt is Red Wagon's pattern. Ahhhwwwweee, You know I love this quilt. :-)
and Flourishes quilt is SOOOOOO gorgeous!
You have wonderful UFOs!!!! :-D
Thank you for posting the pictures!

Carole said...

Karrin, what a pleasant surprised I received in the mail today! That was totally unnecessary! It is gorgeous! I love your stitchery! The way you did the petals of the daisy is sweet! Thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart! Wow, I just cannot believe it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love your UFOs. Hum..... I have so many that it would take up too much of my blog! lol You do such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing! In Friendship! Carole

Susan said...

I love the saying on the stitchery. She doesn't do that any more? Sounds like fun to me.

I remember the bottom UFO! That was the last time Fran and I went to Sisters.

Betsy said...

Karin, is the Flourishes by Piece of Cake a pattern still made by the company? You hav done a lovely job with that.

Paula, the quilter said...

I have made one block of the Flourishes: the one in the upper right hand corner in your picture. You know, the orange one! *s* I love the little stitchery. I keep seeing all of this embroidery and it just keeps pulling at me. I suppose one of these days....