Thursday, February 21, 2008


I finished my February TIF piece, "I Remember Mommy". I also used the color scheme. This piece measures 8 x 10 and will eventually be framed.

My mother loved roosters and chickens, so I added some in the piece too. For some strange reason, after she died, I feel this compulsion to collect roosters and chickens and make a rooster and chicken quilts.

I thought of a few more things my mother told me:

Your sewing or embroidery should always look as good on the back as it does on the front.

When I was in 7th grade, I wanted to take choir class as one of my electives. My mother told me I could sing anytime, she wanted me to take home economics, which I ended up doing. When I was 15-17 I was making all my own clothing, plus some of my mother's and my sister's.


Carmen said...

autiful finish!. i like the fabric, ribbons and tressures in this piece.

Angela said...

Your TIF piece is wonderful. Isn't it funny the things we feel compelled to do on the passing of someone as dear as our Mother. I know I felt I had to watch my Mums favourite TV program as a way of keeping connected and a funny sense that if I watched it my Mum would also get to see it. 2 and a half years on and I'm still watching that show for her!

Lea said...

Your TIF is so beautiful. I love the rooster.
Your crazy quilts are just like a Jewel box. Always fun to see. *S*

Jane said...

Love your TIF block! Great stitching and layout of your block.

Susan said...

Your TIF block is beautiful. I love the way you used the lace to create a curve on the left.

Anonymous said...

Just answered you comment on my blog. Now I see that you too had a chicken/rooster collecting Mum!
Love the crazy block..

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, I came visiting from over at Friendship Threads and Nadine. I was looking for info on the notecard (I think) you made from photos. Anyway, I noticed the lady in the piece of crazy quilt you were passing on. The cream one. And I thought I'd love to incorporate a photo of my Mother in the crazy quilt class project I will be doing in June. I love those colors. Then I saw this one you did of your Mom. Can you give me any info on how you did the photo on fabric. I've not tried it. Also, what you said about embroidery work looking as good on the back as the front. I just look and marvel at the back of my daughter's cross stitch, wondering how she can do it and make it look so neat. You could almost frame the back. Nice to visit with you.
Mama Bear