Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As mentioned before, I am in an ongoing RR with a group of friends: Susan, Moira and Gail. This is the second go round for Moira's piece. Last time she sent us the three small pieces while she worked on the large section. When she got her 3 pieces back, she put them together and put the sashing and borders on. Moira did some silk
ribbon embroidery on the sashing at the top and said we could use the sashing this round too.

Last time I worked on the bottom section, as you are looking at it
on the left. I did the majority of the stitching on it, including the yellow cast-on flowers. I think Fran did some beading on a flower in that section too.

This is such a lovely piece, it was a pleasure to work on it again. This time I worked on the spray, in the black sashing, starting at the bottom and extended it off in either direction. Candi joins us this round, and since we live a couple of blocks apart, I will be handing this off to her in the next couple of days.


  1. Moira's homepage is if you want to link to it. That block is gorgeous!

  2. Wwwwwooooooooo, Karrin, This quilt is so gorgeous and lovely!
    You ladies are amazing. Thank you for sharing a picture. This RR is so fun to see. :-)