Monday, April 07, 2008


My mail lady Victoria, has been quite busy this past week with packages for me, both things
I had ordered, and packages from others.

My friend, Susan Nixon from Desertsky and cq4funlivejournal blogs has been working on a quilt which represents strong and special women in hers and her friends' lives. Last year she asked for photos of mothers and grandmothers to use in her quilt. Several months ago, I asked if she had enough pictures for her quilt, and she said she could always use more. So I sent her pictures of my 2 grandmothers, neither of which I ever met, because they died when my mother and father were 10 years of age, a picture of my mother, and my aunt who raised my mother from the time she was 10 years of age. I was so thrilled she still had room for my relatives! Susan has started a hand-dyed thread business, and she is naming various color lines after the special women. Several weeks ago, Susan told me this line of colors she was naming after my mother's mother, Mary Ellen. I ordered the DSQ line of Mary Ellen, plus the line that is named after Lois, Pat Winter's mother. Susan is selling the threads in her etsy shop. This is the Mary Ellen line:

The second thing I ordered was from Pat Winter, her new CQ book that she self-published. It is just wonderful to look at, and am still enjoying the lovely pages.

Several weeks ago Pat had a contest on her blog, to guess the age that Pat was when she gave up dolls. I happened to be the winner. Pat kindly made dolls for both me and the runner up and Prissy arrived on Saturday! This is what Pat wrote about Prissy: "Prissy is a little shy yet spoiled enough to speak out when she wants her way. You know the type, hard to correct them because they are sweet. She loves to wear pink, she loves the "Flower Power" era and insists on going barefoot. I can't blame her there, she learned it from me".

Prissy is just precious, and she already has a treasured place in my family of dolls. My granddaughter Kyleigh is going to be so jealous when she sees her.

Thank you so much Pat, I am honored to have Prissy come live with me!

And last but not least, I recently traded May Britt some of my numerous Civil War reproduction fabrics, for some CQ laces and threads she no longer has any use for. This wonderful package arrived last Friday, and has so many goodies, and I love them all. May Britt's package from me arrived while she was away for the weekend and she has to pick them up from the post office after work today. Hope she is as pleased with her package as I am from mine!


May Britt said...

I am speachless Karrin. Your package to me is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!
They are now laying out over my floor and I am looking and looking and looking. THANK YOU SO MUCH. And you did send some calefornian sunshine to me!!!!!! LOVE IT.

Lea said...

Oh, My! Karrin, It's so thrill to have a thread line named after your mom! I'm so happy for you. *S*
Your mail lady is surely busy! Wow, so many fun goodies that you received! Oh, your doll is SOOOOOO adorable.....I love her!*S*

Susan said...

Wow, it looks like you have been getting some great stuff in the mail! Thanks for the link to the etsy. =) Those laces from May Britt are fabulous, lucky you! And Pat's Prissy is so cute. Again, lucky you! Does Victoria like to wait around to see what's in your packages? =) Pat's book is on my list of things, when I can, too.

Pat Winter said...

I love how you posed Prissy to wave hello. I am glad she just made herself at home. Isn't May Britt a sweetie? Lovely stash!

Carole said...

WOW! You've been having fun! That's wonderful! Keep well!