Thursday, April 24, 2008


This morning, in reading Stina's blog, she pointed out 2 new giveaways. The first is JulieK.. She is giving away a quilt. The other is My Favourite Things... She is giving away a pattern.

The past almost week, I have been also working on Virginia's block from the CQI, New 2 Group RR. I am mailing it out today.

Virginia is from Madrid, Spain. This is the first time have been in an international RR and I am quite excited. Virginia wanted each of us to add a word to her block, and I added Love, my favorite. I also added a bit of dyed lace above this and this came from one of the laces that May Britt sent me. This one really looked good on this block.

I also added a piece of trim that came from Nadine's treasure box of trims. I did the daisy-like flowers in this section.

This is the entire block. Sandi, the person that worked on it before me added the word "Art" in the bottom corner.

Next projects I need to have finished by next week, are my TIF challenge for April, and I need to quilt my Four Seasons Swap, for the Spring Quilt swap.


May Britt said...

I'm so happy you can make use of some of the things I sendt you :) Looks lovely.

Nadine said...

Gorgeous blocks ! LOVE them :>) You're an artist, Karrin.


Karen said...

Unusual to have a crazy quilt for a round robin but what a great idea.

Carole said...

You are so brave to be participating in an international RR and so focused. I haven't been able to get much done as of late. Perhaps I need to make a list and get satisfaction & motivation out of crossing out the item complete. Lovely block! Have a great weekend!

Thelma said...

Beautiful stitching Karrin

Virginia said...

I really love it!!
I am glad the word "love" is in this block! I really appreciate the work you have done in my block! your additons as well as Sandi's treatments are beautiful! It is going to be very special to receive the block back home and see and touch what you all have done! I am excited with this RR, mi first one.
Thanks, many thanks!


WONDERFUL KARRIN--too bad they arent for me--i love those colors! *~*CAROLE*~* (TF & cq4newbies)

Shelina said...

Congratulations on your win Karrin!