Sunday, June 08, 2008


They posted pictures of all the entries for the 2008 purse contest, including showing the first, second and third place entries which can be seen on the CQI Blog here. Congratulations Cathy, Lynn S. and Lauri, for your beautiful purses!

I inquired about where I fell in the lineup out of 13 entries, and found I was #5, so I am happy with that.

My second good news yesterday was that I am down 13 pounds, in 23 days. Hopefully I can get more off before Katie's wedding August 10th, that is my goal...

The third good news was that yesterday DH installed one of the double-paned windows he bought 2 years ago, in the spare bedroom. He did most of the work, I did a little lifting, but it is in, and all he needs to do is caulk and put the trim back on the outside. I need to do a little painting work touch up in the bedroom window sill. Will take pictures later after it is all done, and post to my other blog.


Lurline said...

Hi Karrin,
Congratulations! You seem to be on a winning streak - it is lovely when life goes well for us, isn't it? Nice to visit your blog.
Best wishes - Julia's friend - Lurline.

Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats Karrin on your purse position in the contest - wonderful! Also - with your personal goals; terrific!

Unknown said...

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