Saturday, June 07, 2008


They posted the results of the CQI purse contest awhile ago, and I can now share my pictures of my entry. I was up against some really talented competition and I didn't place,
but I am happy I finished it up and tried my best.

This was one side of my purse. My whale has crystals on his fins for his barnacles. This part I did all by hand.

My original thought was to have a mermaid sitting on the bottom. I had a mermaid machine embroidery design I was going to attach when it was finished. (Too chicken to embroider right on my pieces and good thing).

My Bernina decided 2 weeks ago to have a nervous breakdown and started playing tricks on me. The first design I tried, it got off in the sequence of colors according to the chart and I put in pink for a shell, and it sewed out the mermaid's hair. I finished up the design, but it was off on another color too, and it ended up looking too stupid. This was after I spent 2-1/2 hours making 25 color changes.

The next day, I decided that maybe there was a flaw in the design, and I would try another.
The second design got to about color number 3 and it stopped and came up with an error message that said there was some sort of internal failure. I tried 1 more time but I only got to about color number 1. During all of this time, it had been breaking thread every other pass, despite changing multiple needles, multiple types of needles. I finally gave up on the mermaid idea and decided to just finish my purse, as it was down to the last few days. But it was frustrating. I picked my machine up yesterday and apparently there was a broken spring.

This is the other side of the purse.

I think now that the contest is over, I am going to add some more beading and things I did not have a chance to before.


Karen South said...

Great job on your purse. It was a really hard decision on which ones I liked best.

Anonymous said...

Yours was one of two purses I actually thought I might have right in the guessing contest. Now I know I got at least two right, yours and Lauri's, but the others I just plugged in numbers and then threw away my copy.
Congrats on making a beautiful purse. I think it's great without the mermaid....
Janet in Colorado

Cheryl said...

This is a purse to really be proud of Karrin. I love the whale and the theme you selected. Job well done.

Marilyn Rock said...

Karrin; your purse is exquisitely beautiful! The detail, coloring, design - all of it. It's amazing! I adore it!

jay paul said...

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