Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Well May got away from me. I quilted and sent away my Spring Quilt Swap quilt, worked on and sent off 2 RRs, and the biggie was finishing up my CQI purse last week.

So I finally got to piece my block for the May TIF last night. I am going to make this into an eyeglass holder for my sister's birthday in August.

June's TIF concept is about stashes. Sharon B describes it: "Stashes are either purchased or scavenged materials that have accumulated over time and as such they often have a story to tell........So this month, the idea is to think about is stories that are, and stories that are possible."

This is the color scheme for this month.

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Well I am certainly not going to take a picture of all of my stashes but I will list them.

This one though, is the one that got me started. A long time ago, when my 2 daughters were small and living at home, DH built me a room upstairs in the crawl space that was 8 x 10. This was my sewing/craft room. At that time, I had 2 knitting machines, and I collected a HUGE stash of yarn.

These are just the ones that are on the wall of the cone yarns. I have about 10 large boxes of skein yarn, and more of the cone yarns. But I went way, way overboard, and I am not even really knitting anymore, but I still have this huge stash.

When my daughters left home I acquired 1 of their bedrooms for my office, and 1 for my sewing room. The yarn stayed upstairs.

Next I started quilting and I have a HUGE fabric stash. They are generally separated separate stashes of:

30's fabric. (HUGE)
Civil War reproductions (HUGE)
Homespuns (HUGE)
Red, whites and Blues (HUGE)
Nauticals (HUGE)
Chickens and Roosters

Then I have a large wool stash, because I love doing penny rugs, etc, and have wool threads to go with those.

Then there is the CQ Stash with

Anyway, this past year, I have been whittling down my various stashes, and trying just to use what I have and not buy anything else, although I have bought some threads and laces. I also donated fabric for the 19 pounds of red, white and blue fabric for the American Hero quilts, and some for another charity. I shared some of my Civil War reproductions with some friends.

Last night, after I pieced my May TIF, I went ahead and pieced by June TIF. I used what was in my stash and they are not usually colors I use so there were not many choices.

Lastly but certainly not least, yesterday's mail brought his beautiful postcard from
Jo in NZ. I was the winner of her May drawing. It is just lovely. Thanks again so much Jo!


Marilyn Rock said...

Karrin; I love the colors of your block for the eyeglass holder! Beautiful! Your stash organization is amazing!

Wanda said...

Wow and I thought I had a nice stash of fabric. That is such a beautiful postcard.

Lea said...

Oh, my.... your TIF blocks are sooo rich and beautiful.
Also I forgot to mention about your CQ vest, It's amazingly gorgeous! Girl, you and your firends are very talented!

Tanguera said...

The colours on your eyeglass holder are so rich.

jay paul said...

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