Friday, July 18, 2008


I realized this morning I have not posted for 3 weeks. We have been getting the house and yard ready for company in 3 more weeks, and youngest daughter Katie's wedding. The yard has been a little more problematic, as it has been sadly neglected for 2 years while I have been working long hours and also the fact that with the California wildfires, a large concentration of smoke has been in my area, making for almost a month of "bad air days", and that in addition to several weeks of hot, hot weather and some 100+ and even several 108 degree days. The back yard is almost taken care of, and then I can concentrate on some trimming out front.

I spent this week getting caught up in the TAST
stitching on Stitchin Fingers.

This was my sample of cretan stitch. One of the ladies pointed out that the second one looked like barbed wire, and it does.

These are my examples of the chevron stitch, and Algerian eye (starry looking stitches).

Wednesday afternoon was granddaughter Kyleigh's and my "special day" and I took advantage of her being her to model
the veil I made 36 years ago.

At the time I made this, it was right after Romeo and Juliet came out, and I made a "Juliet cap". I machine appliqued all the lace on the bottom of the veil.

This is the back of the veil, and shows the cap a little better.

DD Katie wants to wear my veil, but does not want the cap and wants it shorter. It is a little long by today's standards. My task tonight is to cut the cap off, shorten the veil, and attach it to a comb.

Kyleigh has been wanting to have a "special day" for several months because she wanted to "sew and quilt". My friend Candi several months ago gave Kyleigh and I a litttle Janome machine for Kyleigh to sew with and she just lives for the days she can come over and sew. With Kyleigh's gymnastics, swim meets, art classes, it is sometimes difficult to find the time, but we did this week.

A long time ago, I received 4" samples of fabric from quilt shops. I had a stack of these and I gave them to Kyleigh to sew together. (That is why nothing really matches). She decided that instead of a quilt this time, she could make this piece into a sleeping bag for her American Girl Doll. This time she even quilted it herself. I just drew some lines on the back of the quilt that she followed. While they were not 1/4 inch seams, they were pretty even. She did a really good job and we both had a blast!


  1. it is great we have kids and grand kids to pass on our love of sewing........

  2. Kyleigh looks so adorable in the veil. I'm kinda sorry Katie doesn't want to use it as it is. It's so beautiful!

    Your stitching looks great. It's fun to follow those things, isn't it? Kyleigh's quiltlet is fabulous! She's doing a great job, and what fun it must be to share your talent with her.

  3. You stitching skills amaze me. Kyleigh is too cute. I love that she wants to quilt and sew just like you. Have fun at the wedding.

  4. Nice sample! Sounds like a lovely day with your grand-daughter. What a beautiful veil. You are so talented Karrin! Keep well!

  5. That is so cool that Katie wants to wear your veil! I can only hope that my daughters want the same from me.

    Kyleigh is just too cute for words. I love her quilt. I can't wait for grandchildren so that maybe one of them will be interested in quilting.