Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Well my TIF for June still looks like this. I had planned to make this into an eyeglass case yesterday after I got off work, but it did not quite work out that way.

We have been busy doing things around the house that need to be done before the influx of relatives for Katie's wedding.
DH decided that the next thing he is going to work on is a problem with the French doors he installed. My buffet sits right up against the edge of the door he needs to work on, so I had to totally empty dishes, glassware. All the stuff on the the shelf above it, and some tins on another shelf. So this occupied my time, instead of my finishing this project up.

This month as I was thinking of stashes and the stories behind them, I was reminded I also have a stash of sewing machines which I just added to this month.

1. I have the old Singer my parents got me for the Christmas I turned 13. It is in a rounded wooden case.

2. I have a Singer Touch and Sew John bought me right after we were married. It was used but it ran great. This is the machine he still uses to sew sails, and boat-related items.

3. I have a Singer Featherweight. Right before my DFIL died, when he was becoming incapacitated with his Alzheimer's, I flew down to attend a wedding of a friend in San Diego, and stayed with my in-laws. I was big into quilting and asked DMIL if she had ever seen in her garage sale visits a featherweight, and I described it to her. That day we put DFIL in a daycare for the day, and went to a bunch of quilt shops I had heard about. While we were driving around, she told me she had gone to a garage sale and had seen a little machine in the garbage, and asked the people if she could have it, or buy it. They gave it to her. She got it tuned up for $65 and said I could have it, if it was what I was looking for. It was right around my birthday and she gave it to me!

4. Juki Serger. When my oldest daughter got married, she wanted me to make the 4 flower girls dresses, of this really slinky slippery fabric. Halfway into this project my Singer serger had a nervous breakdown and I ended up buying this Juki serger and it is so easy to thread and the tension is always perfect.

6. Bernina 185. This is my embroidery machine, but I also use it for regular sewing and love it.

7. Juki TL98. This is the machine I use for quilting. This is actually the 2nd one I got, the first one was a lemon, so they gave me the demo unit and it works like a dream.

8. Huskystar ER10 embellisher. This is my newest toy, I bought almost 2 weeks ago with my economic stimulus check. I having a great time playing with this, and hope to learn more about what I can do with it soon.


  1. You picked out some wonderful fabrics for this piece, and it turned out sooo well.