Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

When I can remember to post it, I have joined Sharon B's Work in Progress Wednesday.  I am currently working on 2 projects, having finished Katie's accessory case, which she absolutely loved.

Tonight I finished the first block of Betsy's Closet, in which I joined the Stitch-A-Long.  I changed my colors, as I am not much of a pink person, although I still kept the flowers pink.

This is my August CQJP  which I really need to get going on, since August is almost over.  This features my 2 daughters, who at the time were probably about 4 and 5.  This picture was taken by a friend who happened to be watching them at the time.  I am trying to dye a lace motif of Holly Hobby.  At about this time my daughters had Holly Hobby wallpaper in their room, and my dear mother-in-law designed quilts for them with Holly Hobby, who had a pocket that contained small Holly Hobby dolls.  I found the hat of one of the dolls in my sewing basket the other day and will incorporate that into the block too.

My friend Liz Bugh, of Gypsy Feather on Etsy recently sent me a lace order and had included this Holly Hobby motif which I knew I had to include too.  So as soon as I finish dying it, I will add it to this block too. Then I can start my stitching.

Well off to get ready for another week of work starting tomorrow.


  1. Oh the baby quilt is going to be wonderful as the Holly Hobby square, Love what you do girl and so such a pleasure to meet up with you on Pat's class. You are just a pleasure you 60 something gal. xoxo

  2. Hi Karrin, just noticed that you do blocks of Cq love them and I being new to this thought I can do that. BUT now do you join them together and them make a wall hanging? I am so hooked on CQ and so glad to see you here on your blog also. xoxoxox

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I had to go look at the whole pattern and wound up order the Betsy's pattern. Still thinking about Benji's pockets. As always, I love your piecing and the laces you use. Your August block will be gorgeous. Mine is about 2/3 done. This weekend - maybe.