Wednesday, September 05, 2012

August Block-CQJP

I finished my August CQJP yesterday and this one has a lot of meaning for me.  But first an explanation.  My girls were about 4 and 5 in this block.  When they were little, I had their rooms papered in in Holly Hobby wallpaper.  I STILL love Holly Hobby!

When some fabric came out a couple of years ago, I bought some, planning to make a quilt one day.

My dear mother-in-law made both girls quilts.  This is my oldest daughter's quilt.  They were finished in March of 1980, so are 32 years old.   I had shown a picture from a magazine to DMIL, all it had was the center figure in it and she designed the rest.  The large Holly Hobby used to have a pocket on her dress, where DMIL designed a little dolly that fit in the pocket, who also had a bonnet.

My youngest daughter's quilt was stolen from her by her roommate as Katie was moving out, who stated it was hers.  Even though the back was labeled and said "To Katie From Grandmother Hurd, March 1980".

Anyway, this is my August block for CQJP.  On a recent order from Liz of Gypsy Feather, who is currently on vacation, she sent along with my order the little Holly Hobby motif in the left corner.  I dyed it but wasn't getting the effect I wanted, so I ended up embroidering most of it to look more like the Holly Hobby Fabric.  Right below that, and to the right is the bonnet of the doll that used to fit in the quilt pocket which I found recently while looking through a stash of some trims I had.


Laurie said...

Your block and the Holly Hobby quilt bring back pleasant memories. Beautiful Karrin!

margaret said...

what memories Holly Hobby has brought back to me of happy days when my girls were young, if only the clock could go back but things might turn out worse than they are now so I will just dream. Wonder if the bed is finished yet, a talented husband you have there.
Sorry for the delay but have been away from blogging for 9 weeks