Thursday, September 06, 2012


My Work in Progress Wednesday this week has nothing to do with stitching, as Sharon B's  has done.

What I worked on my past 2 days off was my bedroom.  DH build this bed in the 70's.  It was a waterbed up until about 4 years ago and since has had a Tempur-pedic mattress in it.

I have always used a stool to get in my side, which doesn't bother me at all.  But John has had more difficulty getting in it as he has shrunk a bit in the past couple of years.  So he has been in the process of building a newer, lower bed.

And it is finished, and he began the process of dismantling the old bed.

My plan, when the new bed was finished, and I could get behind it
was to rip the navy wallpaper down, and paint that wall.
I started ripping the wallpaper down, and discovered (or remembered), I had had some wallpaper on this wall before I put up the navy stuff, and apparently when I ripped the other stuff off, the backing was still in place and I just wallpapered over it.  The first wallpaper was pasted down, so I am having to get that off too to get to bare wall.  I probably did 2 feet, of this 14 foot wall yesterday.  It is going slower than I thought.

John got all the bed dismantled, except this headboard section which he will work on while I am at work today.  He was pretty worn out yesterday though.

Right now our mattress is in the dining room, so I need to get going on this.  Guess what I will be doing after work!


Zaa said...

Hey Karrin.. You're going to be busy( ha Ha) ..but wouldn't it be boring without all the reno's ... Can't wait to see it finished...have fun...Hugs

Annette said...

This will be great, be sure and post pics when you finish. In your spare time. xo

Lyndsey said...

A great WIP. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are finished. I hope the project goes well and getting the wallpaper off isn't too difficult.