Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ghastly Ghouls Blog Hop, My Day

Today is the third day of the Ghastly Ghouls Blog Hop, and also my day.  Many thanks to the fabulous Carol @Just Let Me Quilt.  The past two days have had some wonderfully creepy projects.  Be sure and check them out, the full schedule is below.  

Right after I signed up for this hop, I got an email from Bird Brain Designs and I saw a cute Halloween kit, which some squirrel encouraged me to buy.  I love embroidery, and wool projects.  The kit had everything in it, including the cute wagon buttons!

As I have also been on a gnome kick, I noticed this Candy Corn Gnome video and instructions at Ruffles and Rain Boots.   There are very good instructions, but I had numerous do-overs on this one.  I followed the directions for using alcohol ink to dye the beard and hat.  I didn't like the first attempts, and did it over. I still have yellow and orange fingers and nails.  I guess I should have worn gloves, but the deed was already done.  The next problem I had was my personal problem.  I am a Glue Gun 101 dropout.  I always get glue all over the place and don't glue what I want to.  She just folded the fleece over and glued them.  Again I got glue all over the place and wasn't happy.  I tried sewing them, but wasn't able to turn them inside out.  I finally glued with some craft glue.  She has a pattern for the bag, but wasn't able to get it printed and cut on my Cricut.  I finally just printed it.  I had to shrink the bag though I probably should have shrunk it a bit more,  

Anyway this is the final product.  I just love him so much!

The cute little bag has two sides.  

I had one more project I wanted to do.  A number of years ago I bought this paper mache pumpkin and wanted to do something with it.  I decided I wanted to finish it for this blog hop.  I spray painted it and managed to get paint all over my favorite leggings, carrying it into the house where it could dry quicker.  I cute out the crow on my Cricut with vinyl and attached it to the pumpkin.  

Thanks for stopping by, and again thanks to Carol @Just Let Me Quilt for another fun blog hop!  Be sure and check out the other bloggers below.  

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  1. Such cute and creative projects! xx

  2. Three wonderful projects, Karrin. Love Jack’s Ride and the gnome candy corn is so unique.And Halloween is not complete without a black raven. I also love the piece in your header. You are all ready for Halloween!

  3. All great projects. I love the quilt, and your label on the back. That gnome is very cute as well.

  4. The two little minis are so sweet, Jacks looks like he is having a lot of fun. I LOVE the gnome! Despite all the trouble you had, it turned out wonderfully. The pumpkin looks right at home with your other Halloween decorations in the background. I think your house is Halloween ready!!


  5. You have been very busy this month with your projects. I enjoyed the variety. I guess the woold one would be my favorite but all the rest hold a close second. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  6. All of your projects are fantastic! I'm not much of a gnome fan but this little guy might change my mind! I especially love your "Jacks Ride." His expression is my favorite! Thanks for sharing all your Halloween makes.

  7. You must love Halloween as much as we do -look at all these great projects. Thanks for the ideas! They are fun.

  8. Wonderful projects! Your gnome is really fantastic.

  9. I love all your projects! I can see how you had to get that pumpkin kit. :) The gnome is amazing, and I like the pumpkin too--gives me an idea for using my Cricut too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love each of your projects but your Gnome and his back story is my favorite, he is a cutie.

  11. Such great projects! I love that you printed the Ghastly Ghouls on your label for your little quilt. I adore your candy corn gnome! I just loves gnomes. And the raven is great too.

  12. While you had some small trials your projects turned out very cute. Jack's Ride is very cute, but your gnome turned out sweet too.

  13. Oh my goodness, so many awesome Halloween projects. I love "Jacks Ride". Bird Brain Designs has so many fun things to stitch. Your Candy Corn Gnome takes the cake though. I am so glad you stuck with it, even with all the trials and tribulations, cause it is just the best! I am going to have to check out the video myself. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. I love your Halloween projects, Karrin - each one is so fun! The candy corn gnome is just delightful - I'm sorry he caused you so much grief. He is worth it in the end, though!

  15. Yellow fingers would be so worth it to make that adorable gnome and bag. They are amazing! I totally understand the glue gun fiasco as I'm a failure at using one, too. Love that crow on the pumpkin and all those very cool decorations in the background. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Super cute projects! Hopefully the paint washes off your leggings. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  17. Jack-O-Lantern has a mischievous and slightly naughty grin. Hot glue can be a pain but your Candy Corn Gnome is fabulous. What an adorable fellow he is. All your little mishaps were well worth it. =)

  18. Great projects! I really like that gnome. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Karrin, great job on all three projects. I'm not safe with a glue gun, either, but you gnome is adorable. All the projects are appealing and I love the header witch, too.

  20. Hi Karrin! What a fabulous kit!! Those wheel buttons just take the whole piece over the top to cutest-ville. Wow - you just rocked all the project for this hop! That gnome that looks like a piece of candy corn is adorable. How fun!! Thanks for sharing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  21. Yep, you are officially ready for Halloween. The gnome is cool all dressed for the season. I really like the kit though.

  22. Karrin, these are great projects and all so cute. I hope the dye comes off your fingers soon! I really love that idea! I burn my fingers just about every time I use a glue gun!

  23. Wonderful Halloween projects, though I think your gnome steals the show!

  24. Debby P in Western New York6:27 PM

    Oh! The gnome is EVERYTHING!!!!

  25. Great projects! Love the facial expression of the pumpkin on wheels and that gnome is fantastic!