Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have a lot of works in progress going on right now. This is a pretty old one. I made these vest fronts probably 6 or 7 years ago. I taught a crazy quilting vest class, and I had this as a sample of how to start, along with a finished vest. Well after the class, this is as far as this project got. I am in an ongoing RR with a group of friends: Susan, Candi, Moira and Gail. This time, instead of making a new block, I decided to ask my friends to help embellish my vest fronts. Then when I get it back, I can finish it up once and for all. I have a tendency of keep putting this away and working on things for family and friends instead.

My second work in progress is my Take It Further Challenge project. This is going to be a small picture I plan to give my gardening friend Barbara of "Barbara's flower garden". I hand-painted the background and pieced a foreground to put silk ribbon flowers on. This was my progress this week, hampered by my pinkie cut but hope to get working on this more this weekend.

On the Winter Quilt Swap WIP, I finished hand quilting this this week, got the binding sewn on and just need to sew it down and make a label. I will post pictures after the binding is done.

Lastly, Grandma Whitey asked about the picture in the left hand corner of my blog. This is mine design. I took a class at Asilomar 2 years ago, one of the Empty Spools classes. I took a class with Judith Baker Montano. The class was landscape crazy quilting. We were asked to bring a picture of something we wanted to do, and I chose a picture of the Pigeon Point lighthouse. Then we designed our landscapes looking at our pictures. I am still not finished with this, and have not worked on it since the class. Life got in the way. I still need to embellish the foreground
and do stitches in the ocean.

This was at the end of the class. My hair looks pretty ragged from my morning's walk near the ocean.


Susan said...

Oh, I love all the projects you have on tap for the near future. I am thrilled to get to work on your vest, too!

Karen said...

I love your vest. I too have a UFO vest that needs to be finished. I love Judith Montano also. I took a couple of classes from her and would love to go to her studio to study for a week.

Lea said...

OMG! Your Light house quilt is amazing!!! All different textiles that you use, just so perfect!
and your crazy quilting vest is so beautiful. :-)
I'd like to see more your Take It Further Challenge in progress.
Please keep updating! :-)

By the way, One of my favorite quilt shop "The Fat Quarters" is in Vista! Karrin. :-) It's on Escondido Dr.
I feel like Southern CA is second my hometown, even though I'm Japanese. :-)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Your seascape with JBM is stunning. That must have been so inspiring, to work at Asilomar.
Looking forward to seeing more of you TIF Challenge, too.